I have 30 years experience as a designer, developer, and producer in 3D & 2D animation, motion picture special effects, broadcast graphics, audiovisual production, interactive multimedia, web design, and print media. I have worked with and for software developers, ad agencies, film and video production companies, television broadcasters, and government agencies.

High points of my career include:

  • Art Director for a web services development company. Established the look and feel for customer web sites and online data services. Delivered both finished sites and prototypes for use by programming staff to develop web applications and services. Lead on several multimedia based sites involving Flash and streaming video content.
  • Developed special effects software used in several motion pictures. Early use of smaller, affordable computers in creation and manipulation of high resolution digital imagery and output to various film based media.
  • Created animated graphics, photo and film restorations, and physical display items for a museum exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of the oldest ABC TV affiliates in the country.  Products included large scale poster artwork, physical mockups, media restorations and re-creations. Worked with broadcasting engineers to integrate modern digital media assets with restored vintage video and broadcast hardware.
  • Produced, art directed, and animated many promotional, news, weather, and commercial animations. Created general broadcast graphics for ABC and NBC network affiliates. Including opens for news shows, opens for special series, IDs, and commercial spots. Trained and managed several assistants in graphics production for rapid news turnaround stressing reliability and quality. Also responsible for news product’s overall graphic “look” and appearance, including on-air graphics, print materials, and studio set elements.
  • Developed the software for a custom time lapse video recording system used for underwater photography. Created several workflows for acquiring urban time lapse imagery using various types of inexpensive non-specialized video and digital cameras.
  • Designed and programmed a multi-lingual, multimedia AIDS education application for use by the Centers for Disease Control. The system used a touch screen with animation and digitized audio. The program was designed to be multilingual and usable by non-literate individuals. In the production of this project I worked closely with medical content developers, voice-over talent, recording studios, literacy specialists, and language translators.

Over the years I have worked with a variety of design/animation software programs. These include various Adobe products: Photoshop (22 years), Illustrator (25 years), After Effects (19 years), Flash (10 years). In addition, I have been a beta tester for a number of products, including both Photoshop and After Effects. I have used many 3D modeling and rendering systems, both open source and commercial. I have also worked with a number of video editing systems including Premier, Final Cut, and various Avid products.

In addition to using many commercial design software products, I also have experience developing custom software tools for graphics applications. Languages I’m familiar with include Pascal, C, Javascript, and Actionscript 3. I am currently working my way through Objective C and the iOS application framework with intentions of developing iPhone and iPad applications. My technical background allows me to learn new systems quickly and to use them fluently and efficiently.



Freelance design and development

Projects include: motion graphics and animation, design in HTML/CSS, and Flash/Flex development. Recently began working on an iPhone development project.

2003-2007 KATV, Little Rock, AR
Promotions Designer

Designed, produced and created animated spots and opens for the station’s promotion department. Created pre-press materials and authored DVD/Multi-media projects. As an in-house consultant, I recommended and specified graphic and editing workstations/software for use in other departments, including news, and commercial production. Also provided training in digital production techniques to other departments.

2002-2006 Arkansas Arts Center Museum School, Little Rock, AR
Part Time Instructor

Summer replacement and substitute instructor for life drawing and other drawing classes.

1999 – 2002 Millennia Systems, Bentonville, AR
Designer/Art Director

Designed layouts and visual elements for customers web sites. Worked closely with database designers and content developers. Produced projects for Wal-Mart vendors and suppliers, financial institutions and media outlets. Created media websites for the University of Arkansas sports teams and their recruiting organizations.

1995 – 1999 KARK TV, Little Rock, AR
Director of Computer Graphics

Designed and produced animations for use by the station’s news and commercial production departments, occasional pre-press projects and technical specifications for new equipment purchases. Produced special graphics applications and interfaces for proprietary Weather and News Room production systems.

1987 – 1995 Synthesis, Inc., Conway, AR

Principal in early digital media company. Projects included multimedia, illustration, animation, story boarding, theatrical motion picture effects, video graphics, 2D and 3D architectural modeling, slide presentations, software user interface design and interactive multimedia programming. Active in all levels of projects, from initial customer contact to delivering the finished project.

1985 – 1987 RW Productions, Conway, AR

Principal in a small marketing and online informations resources company. Projects included design, illustration, copy writing, transcription services, online research, systems consulting and media marketing.

1983 – 1985 Faulkner-Van Buren Regional Library System, Conway, AR
Data Processing

Designed and implemented library software systems for networked microcomputers, wrote grant specifications and narratives and worked with state agencies and other libraries on state wide networking project.


Hendrix College, Conway, AR. Bachelor of Arts, Major in Fine Arts.

Arkansas Arts Center Museum School, Little Rock, AR. Additional classes in life drawing, painting, sculpture and metal working.